What Social Impact Should Mean – Seun Taiwo-Akilapa


To see leaders with unconventional approach to life, leadership and innovation management is like looking for water in a dessert.

With a close look around, only very few persons in the position of leadership perfect combines a lot of the requirements needed to make their lifetime in office remarkable.

For one, how many Public Office leaders holds multiple offices with high regards to actual public services within and outside the scope of the office demands. Seun Taiwo-Akilapa is a man like this.

Seun Taiwo-Akilapa has a very firm but rare approach to life. Unique as this is, it’s not surprising to see that he is a Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Festac (His Royal Parish). Married to Oluwasholabomi and they are blessed with three kids.

In 2011 after his inauguration, his piloting of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – a project that helped 250 in FESTAC Community at the time and many more afterwards was covered by THIS DAY.

To him, the Church does not exist alone for the Spiritual well being of the people, but the wellbeing of the community its located and in fact, beyond.

Other projects his leadership has pioneered as part of their CSR are:
● Breast Cancer Awareness and Check-up Movement
● Boreholes creations
● Youths Skill Acquisition Schemes
● Donations to schools, the needy amongst others.

Aside from the recognition of this his heroic acts publicized in The Punch – a national newspaper in the country, he had equally been recognized as a prestigious part of the Team Nehemiah of RCCG.

It might not be too far fetched to see reasons with the outstanding decisions, Seun Taiwo Akilapa makes. Owing to this robust background across various areas. Seeing that he has over 18 years of work experience managing projects and product and service delivery both in the public and private sector. Worked in various management roles as head of Public Sector and Special Project, Project Manager, Operations, Retail, Sales & Marketing to Enterprise Delivery. And this is just to mention a few.

A closer look at the trajectory of Seun’s work shows that true social impact is far beyond the enviable accolades, but a life with almost total direct impact that spreads across just the immediate family.


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