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The Popular series Action Movie Game of Thrones season 8 is just over a month away, and HBO has finally released the first full trailer for the series’ final season.

The trailer, which was revealed on HBO’s YouTube channel on Tuesday morning, gives us a brief glimpse of where we can expect each character to start season 8. Jon and Dany are both in Winterfell with Sansa, preparing for a final assault from the army of the dead. Meanwhile, Jaime is joining them despite Cersei’s wishes, as he makes a decision between the person he loves and what’s right.

Arya seems to be the only mysterious character in the trailer, as she is shown using her skills as an assassin and fighting alongside her family in a huge battle. The trailer ends with a brief tease of the Battle of Winterfell, where it appears the living and the dead will have their final standoff.

Game of Thrones’ six-episode final season will debut on HBO on April 14.

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