Not Without My Family Teasers – November 2018


Not With out My Household Teasers – November 2018

One other Household Film collection Is Coming quickly titled Not With out My Household this November 2018:


Thursday 1 November 2018

Episode 2184

The Singhanias and the Maheshwaris resolve to interrupt a clay pot on the event of Janmashtami. In the meantime, Akshara suspects Nannu and follows him to seek out the reality.

Episode 2185

Akshara tells Varsha about Nannu’s unusual behaviour. Vivaan asks Gayatri to admit her like to Kartik. Later, Naira apologises to Kartik. Nannu confronts Varsha for spying on him.


Friday 2 November 2018

Episode 2186

Nannu lies to Shaurya in regards to the drug peddler. In the meantime, the Singhanias and the Maheshwaris do a puja on Janmashtami. Later, Nani confronts Nannu about his drug dependancy.

Episode 2187

Nani falls from the steps when she goes to inform the household about Nannu’s drug dependancy. Whereas trying to find Nannu; Kartik finds the drug injection and tells Naira about it. The physician tells the household that Nani is important.


Saturday three November 2018

Episode 2188

Nannu escapes when Naira tells Akshara about his drug dependancy. Some goons threaten him for cash and attempt to stab Kartik. Later, Nannu comes clear about his drug dependancy in entrance of the household.

Episode 2189

Nannu confesses to the household about his drug dependancy. Sunaina apologises to Akshara. Later, the physician informs the Maheshwaris about Nannu’s well being situation.

Monday 5 November 2018


Episode 2190

Rajshri tells Sunaina that they should ship Nannu to a rehab centre. Nannu apologises to Varsha for his mistake. Later, Nannu leaves for the centre.


Episode 2191

Kartik helps Naira to make a presentation after she finds him in Naitik’s cabin within the workplace. In the meantime; Naksh tells the household in regards to the Lord Ganesh puja in the home.


Tuesday 6 November 2018


Episode 2192

The Singhanias carry Lord Ganesh’s idol dwelling. Amidst the celebration, Akshara senses that one thing unhealthy goes to occur to her household. In the meantime, as Naitik is returning dwelling, a threatening hazard looms over his life!


Episode 2193

The household learns the information of Naitik’s homecoming, throughout the Ganpati puja. Whereas everyone seems to be rejoicing, Akshara is, nevertheless, nervous about Naitik. Why?


Wednesday 7 November 2018


Episode 2194

Gayu decides to take part in a designer watch exhibition. In the meantime, the household is worked up about Naitik’s arrival. Will Naitik present up on the Sighania Home?


Episode 2195

Akshara scolds Naitik for not returning dwelling with Naman. In the meantime, Naman asks his associates to control Naitik. Will Naitik find out about Naman’s misdeeds?


Thursday eight November 2018


Episode 2196

Akshara suspects Naitik and Naman of hiding one thing. In the meantime, Naman learns one thing about Karthik. He then lies to Naira. Will Naira consider him?


Episode 2197

Naman seeks Naira’s assist to rescue Naitik. Later, Akshara asks Naman to spend a while with Mishti and Karishma; whereas Naira decides to spy on Kartik.


Friday 9 November 2018


Episode 2198

Naira methods Kartik with the intention to take photos of the paperwork. Later, Naman decides to take a drastic step; whereas Akshara calls Naitik and asks him to come back dwelling.


Episode 2199

Akshara is relieved to obtain a messsage from Naitik. Is Naitik at risk as Naman has a plan in opposition to him.


Saturday 10 November 2018


Episode 2200

The Singhanias have Ganesh puja. Akshara, Naira and Gayatri dance on the special day. Later, Karishma suspects Naman of some wrongdoing, whereas Akshara worries about Naitik’s security.


Episode 2201

Naman assures Akshara that he’ll go to Kenya and convey Naitik again. Later, Naitik is discovered mendacity unconscious on the ground. In the meantime; Naira; Naksh and Kartik resolve to accompany Gayatri to Switzerland for her exhibition.


Monday 12 November 2018


Episode 2202

Naira decides to spy on Kartik to find out about his plan. The Singhanias immerse the Ganesh idol in a tank. In the meantime; Naman blames Naitik for being unfair to him and assaults him after Naitik slaps him.


Episode 2203

Naksh tells Akshara that officers from the meals division shall be visiting their restaurant. Akshara decides to go to Switzerland. Later, Kartik; Naira and Gayatri attain Zurich.


Tuesday 13 November 2018


Episode 2204

Naitik feels unhappy desirous about Akshara. Naman tells his affiliate about his plan in opposition to Naitik. Naira searches Kartik’s bag for the proof; whereas Kartik daydreams about spending some romantic time with Naira.


Episode 2205

Naira steals Kartik’s cellular phone to discover a clue. Akshara reaches Zurich and feels dejected desirous about Naitik. Later, she will get nervous when a stranger tells her that he discovered Naitik’s wristwatch on the Zurich airport.


Wednesday 14 November 2018


Episode 2206

Naira, Gayatri and Kartik meet Akshara in Zurich. Naira tries to cheer up Akshara on seeing her upset. Later, she suspects Kartik’s intention and follows him. Akshara finds Naman in Zurich.


Episode 2207

Kartik suspects Naman and tells Naira that a large quantity has been transferred from Naitik’s account to an unknown one. Naman and Naitik are to attend a gathering at a location; unaware that Gayatri’s exhibition will even be held there.


Thursday 15 November 2018


Episode 2208

Naitik confronts Naman. Akshara calls up Naksh and asks him to go to Kenya to seek out out about Naitik. In the meantime; Naira apologises to Kartik for suspecting him.


Episode 2209

Naman takes Naitik to the assembly; whereas Akshara feels the presence of Naitik round her. In the meantime; Gayatri asks Naira to apologise to Kartik. In the meantime; will Naitik and Akshara meet outdoors the citadel?


Friday 16 November 2018


Episode 2210

Naman’s goons seize Naitik. Naman lies to Akshara about Naitik’s whereabouts. What’s going to occur to Naitik? Will Akshara attain him earlier than any hurt is completed to him?


Episode 2211

Rukmini finds out that Rose is pregnant and broadcasts a celebration. In the meantime; Akshara follows her coronary heart and finds a clue that means that Naitik is closeby. She calls Kartik for assist realises when she realises the reality about Naman.


Saturday 17 November 2018


Episode 2212

Kartik finds out that Naitik is in Zurich; whereas Rukmini is worked up about turning into an excellent grandmother. Kartik; Naira; Gayatri and Akshara struggle Naman’s males and rescue Naitik. Will Akshara and Naitik forgive Naman?


Episode 2213

Naitik and Akshara finish all ties with Naman. Later Naitik, Naira and Akshara spend a while with household. Naira apologises to Kartik for suspecting him.


Monday 19 November 2018


Episode 2214

Kartik confesses his like to Naira however she runs away. Later, on the flight again to India; he tries to persuade Naira about his love for her whereas Akshara and Naitik are glad to be collectively.


Episode 2215

The Singhanias anxiously watch for Naitik’s return. However he’s nervous about dealing with them and revealing the reality. Naira; Gayu and Kartik attain the home first however don’t speak about what occurred. How will the household react?


Tuesday 20 November 2018


Episode 2216

Naitik and Akshara enter the home collectively, whereas Mishti asks them about Naman. Karishma confronts them about Naman. Later, the Singhanias are shocked to listen to about Naman’s misdeeds.


Episode 2217

Naman meets Mishti earlier than being taken away by the police. In the meantime; Varsha forbids Kuhu from going to the rock live performance. Later, Naira feels anxious about Kartik’s proposal.


Wednesday 21 November 2018


Episode 2218

The household celebrates Naitik’s return. Kartik eagerly waits for Naira’s reply. In the meantime; Naitik and Akshara spend some romantic time collectively. Later, Karishma makes a stunning announcement.


Episode 2219

Naitik goes to the workplace to get his medicines. He decides to cover his well being situation from his household. Later, Kartik finds Naitik distressed.


Thursday 22 November 2018


Episode 2220

Kartik and Naira be a part of Naitik; Akshara and Gayu for dandiya. Later, Akshara feels jealous as Naitik begins dancing with one other girl. In the meantime; Kartik asks Naira for her reply. What’s going to it’s?


Episode 2221

Akshara and Gayu scold Naira for preventing with Kartik. Later, Naira will get a name telling her that Kartik hasn’t reached dwelling. With out telling anybody; she goes in quest of Kartik. Will she discover him?


Friday 23 November 2018


Episode 2222

Kartik plans to stop the job. Later, Naitik and his household arrive on the Maheshwari Mansion to debate about Naitik’s plan for Gayu and Kartik.


Episode 2223

Naira turns into hysterical when Kartik refuses to assist her. In the meantime; Akshara realises that Mishti should not depart; however will she be capable to cease her?


Saturday 24 November 2018


Episode 2224

Kartik decides to delay resigning from his job on the Singhanias. In the meantime; Naira has second ideas about Kartik’s proposal.


Episode 2225

Naira is considering Kartik when she notices that the costume given by him is supposed for her. How will Naira admit to her emotions?


Monday 26 November 2018


Episode 2226

Naira realises about her emotions for Kartik in dire circumstances. Later, she decides to admit her like to him.


Episode 2227

Kartik joins the Singhanias throughout the Karva Chauth celebrations. Later, Naira is shocked to sees Gayu performing the rituals in entrance of a photograph!


Tuesday 27 November 2018


Episode 2228

Naira is glad to see Bua Dadi; however is scolded by her for speaking rudely with Gayu. In the meantime; Rama finds out about Naira’s affection for Kartik.


Episode 2229

Naira is delighted to be taught that Kartik’s flight has been delayed and decides to satisfy him. In the meantime; Kartik’s boarding go is lacking. Will Naira meet Kartik?


Wednesday 28 November 2018


Episode 2230

Kartik misses his flight and decides to remain in a lodge. Naira overhears Gayatri telling her grandmother how a lot she loves Kartik. She regrets not telling the reality to Gayatri. How will she deal with the state of affairs?


Episode 2231

Naitik shares his concern about Gayu with Devyani and Kaveri. Quickly, Mishti brings up Naman’s subject in entrance of Bua Dadi. Later, Varsha confronts Nannu and Kuhu about her suspicion, whereas Bua Dadi learns about Naman’s treachery.


Thursday 29 November 2018


Episode 2232

Naitik and Akshara console a depressed Gayu on Rashmi’s birthday. Naira decides to speak to Akshara about Kartik. Later, Bua Dadi criticises Naira whereas Akshara finds clues which recommend both Naira or Gayu is in love!


Episode 2233

When Akshara confronts her about Kartik; Gayu admits to being in love with him. However; Akshara and Naitik need to learn about Kartik’s emotions for her. How will they discover out?


Friday 30 November 2018


Episode 2234

Naira assures Rama that she is going to sacrifice her love for Gayu. In the meantime; Kartik is anxiously ready for Naira to name him. Will she?


Episode 2235

Rajshekhar introduces Bua Dadi to Kartik. Later, Kartik asks Naira whether or not she missed him. However Naira’s reply leaves him speechless!


Premiere episodes of Not With out My Household air on Star Life at 19h00 and 19h30 from Mondays to Saturdays.


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