Advantages and Disadvantages of having a School Father In Nigeria


Who is a School Father?

A school father is an adoptive parent in Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities. This slang “School Father is rampant among Nigerian Students most especially female student calling a male senior colleague or an elder colleague their school father. This school father can be one of the seniors in your department or other departments, somebody you can look up to in times of trouble, academic-related issues and all.

Having a school father in Nigeria is so much more than having a big brother you can run to anytime a problem arises. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a school father In Nigeria Institutions.


Advantage of Having School Father in Nigeria

Serves as a savior, that’s according to how respected and relevant he is on campus. Having a truant as a school father can never lead to anything but trouble.

  • Looks out for your well-being on and off campus, giving moral pieces of advice to guide and lead your steps


  • Helps in academic-related issues, you just don’t choose any person.  Your school father should be able to help you academically, it’s paramount.


  • Helps with financial aid or foodstuffs when you’re ‘broke’. Basically, your school father should be fully loaded *lol*

Disadvantage of Having School Father in Nigeria

As we all know, there is nothing without a side effect. Yes! having a school father is cool but you must cautious of who you want to look up at as a role model and mentor.

  • Here is one the disadvantage of Having School Father in Nigeria, Know who your school father is, not just the surface knowing but inside out. Academically, personally, your school father personality might influence yours in the long run.


  • Do not associate with a school father with a shady deal or people. It might be dangerous for you, having a cultist as a school father can spell nothing but trouble.


  • Your school father should be worthy to emulate in character and diligence


  • Do not be the school son or daughter to an “otondo”, I mean a dullard 😂. Be happy to show off to your mate and having good grades.


  • As a girl with a school father, be watchful around him (who knows if he is a sex predator) even the guys too, anybody can be sexually molested. Appearance doesn’t show the manners, don’t start having the mentality that he can’t touch you.


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